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Zoom meetings with frequent disruption?

I have been enjoying a better home network setup that enable WFH with least Internet connection issues. My current setup resolved many issues of wifi sudden drop and disconnecting meetings. However, it happen again recently for about a week and I finally found some time to troubleshoot. The culprit was due a LAN cable connecting my second Mesh node that got disconnected. This forces the Mesh connection automatically routed through the 5Ghz WiFi. This causes the 5Ghz WiFi to take the bandwidth for traffic between two routers reducing the bandwidth for other devices. My router is a dual bands router and it is not ideal to set up Mesh through WiFi.

Here are what I have learned:

  • If you have Mesh network but not a Tribands routers and having connection issues despite good WiFi signal, potentially need to look for Tribands Mesh devices.
  • If you can connect your extended router/ Mesh nodes with LAN cable, this is the best solutions.

How to determine if the Wifi is curning out the full speed according to your Internet package? This can be done by checking the internet speed with a PC connected with a LAN cable. Another option is to test Internet speed within the router. If you are using an Asus router, the Apps provide a simple way to check. It’s in the Setting –> QoS –> Internet Speed

This is the true speed from the routers’ speed test function.

Then use speedtest app on phone to check the speed.

SpeedTest app showing speed improved significantly after using LAN cable as the backhaul connection
Connect LAN cable to the WAN port and select Backhaul connection to 1G WAN.

I have LAN cables laid to a few strategic points in my house before I moved in. They are then connected to a LAN switch. These LAN cables are still very useful although a lot of devices now come without LAN ports.

This is the setup of my Mesh. The Asus App I have been using to manage the router is very useful and easy to use in my opinion.

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