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My Home Automation Journey – Raspberry Pi 2

Buying smart devices and start integrating into home is not difficult. Most smart devices now comes with their own cloud services either proprietary or open source.

I have a number of different devices which means I have multiple cloud services such as Mi Home, Tuya and Ewelink on my phone. They are smart but it’s not really a complete automation solutions since they don’t works cross platforms.

Google Home plays some role to integrate them together but not all devices works well. Another option is to use Home Assistant.

After reviewing and tested all the options, I have decided the best option going forward is to continue with Zigbee devices on Home Assistant. The plan is to remove reliance to proprietary cloud. Home Assistant installed into Raspberry Pi 2 is my current setup which so far able to handle multiple platforms of devices.

Check out my previous post on setting up Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi 2.

Zigbee Dongle to enable Raspberry Pi as a gateway to connect all devices

I installed a ITEAD SONOFF ZBdongle to enable the Raspberry Pi to have the gateway function to detect and connect to Zigbee devices. Installation is simple as plug and play. Home Assistant detect the dongle and you can start adding devices.

Go to Settings-> Devices and Services and the Sonoff dongle is added. If this is not the case for you, try select add integration and look for Sonoff Zigbee USB dongle.

Select configure to search for devices under discovery mode

All set and ready to add more devices and automation!

This is all it takes (size) to control and automate the house

The automation that I enjoyed most is when the motion sensor in toilet triggered the exhaust fan and will switch on lights after sunset. They will auto switch off after 10 mins if no movement detected.

The battery operated zigbee motion detector works well with the zigbee wall switch.
Here are the collection of my automations. Only in rare situation that I need to go into the codes, otherwise they are all GUI user friendly functionality.
My current setup on Mushroom theme.

If you have ideas of automation you likes, do share in the comments.

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