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Autogate Automation

I have finally revived my abandoned MCO project which is to automate the autogate!


  • Autogate Control Sonoff 1 Channel Inching /Self-Locking WiFi Wireless Switch 5V 12V. Cost below RM50 as per picture above.
  • Stand at the autogate switch box with your phone and check if your 2.4 Ghz wifi is reachable.
  • Wires
  • Switch off the power from the fusebox to the autogate before working. You may want to off the main power if you are not sure which fuse is for the autogate.
  • NO = Normally Open. We will use this function for this project.
  • NC = Normally Closed. We are not using this for this project.
  • COM is common.
  • Investigations skill. The hint is that there are plenty of YouTube detailing the installation process.

The Purpose

The idea is to allow controls of the autogate through mobile phone. This is definitely useful if you need to open the gate for deliveries of online shopping items when you are not at home. However, this project was put on hold because there is no need for it since I have been working from home during the pandemic.

It is possible to integrate the Sonoff switch into smarthome applications and I was able to add mine into Google Home.

The Diagram for the Sonoff wifi Relay Module.

Here are the simple walkthrough on what to do:

Set up the Sonoff switch first before installing into the autogate switchbox. I connected it into a powerbank for setup purposes by connecting the USB 5V.

Download eWeLink Apps. Make sure your phone is connected to 2.4 Ghz wifi before starting the pairing process. Long press the App Pairing button and then proceed to eWeLink Apps and follow the add Device instructions.

The LED next to the App Pairing (refer diagram above) button should be lighted once paired them and that indicate its in inching mode. The autogate uses inching mode, means the switch will turns on for 5 seconds and then it will go into off position. This is similar to you pressing the remote button. Press the Mode Switch once will switch on the other LED and now with two LED lights up, the Sonoff Relay switch is in normal switch mode. This is useful if you intended to use this mode for normal light switch.

You can test the switch with the apps before final installation.

Install into the autogate switchbox by connecting the cable to the 12V Anode and GND into the autogate power source. Connect the COM and the Nomally Open (NO) into the corresponding sockets.

The Autogate Switchbox

The 3 blue color wires are linked to the key chain remote control. It is for left, right or to open both sides. I connect the NO from the Sonoff Relay Switch to the middle so that it will open both. The COM wire connect to the correspondent COM as labelled. Look for the 12V label and connect it to the positive line in at Sonoff. The negative (GND) line can be connected to the COM.
Use double side tape to fixed the Sonoff Relay module on a good spot. This is my final installation, secure back the cover and all done.

eWeLink Apps

Pairing the Sonoff Relay switch using eWeLink apps
The eWeLink apps works well. Generally eWeLink and Tuya will be two most common smart switch apps. There are of course other manufacturer specific apps like Mi Home for Xiaomi products.

Google Home

It is possible to integrate eWeLink into Google Home.

Now you can do “hello google” to open your gate!

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  1. Thanks Andy for the item review and it triggers me to get one and try out… i got the one with add-on antenna and it works

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