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Blocking Ads with Adguard

Finally I have gotten the Adguard running in my local server to filtering the unwanted Ads. This is not without some troubleshooting and trying to figure out what has went wrong.

I installed the docker version of Adguard and assigned a fixed IP to the container. Things that doesn’t worked out for me is when I assigned the WAN DNS to the Adguard IP. My Asus AX3000 router immediately show the status of disconnected from internet. My workaround for this is to assign the DNS into each clients fixed IP within DHCP. This way, only the selected device will get the ads filtered.

A few important things I’ve discovered and might be worthwhile checking:

1. Switch off the IPV6 at router. The DNS seems to get resolved through IPv6 and the ads gets bypassed.

2. Check if you have previously set the Google or cloudflare DNS under adapter options, Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4). If yes, remove it in order for Adguard to work properly.

3. Remove any custom DNS settings in browser. Go to Privacy and Security, within Security settings, use “secured DNS with your current service provider”.

Adguard works perfectly well in blocking Ads. You will noticed that the ads are blocked by leaving an empty space in the article.

Adguard have a nice UI

Drop a comments if you have further sharing or questions that I might be able to help.

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