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Chi-Fi KZ-ZS10 Pro

Chi-Fi is a widely used word in many audiophiles blogs and website. It stands for Chinese Hi-fidelity. They are well-known to be good-built and value for money IEM headphones.

So, it was this one fine day, while browsing through the Lazada apps that got me looking at some solid looking IEMs. I did some googling around and finally settled with KZ-ZS10 Pro.

KZ-ZS10 Pro
Comes in a small compact package

This is a hybrid 1DD+4BA per side IEM, hence you get the model code with a 10. You may wonder what are these? They are the number of drivers inside the IEM. It’s new to me too so I am not going to try to be an expert here. Google will have plenty of answers if you want to know more.

The original cable that comes together is not comfortable to my ear somehow. I swap it with an upgrade cable I bought together, which is comfortable and produce better sound. I am totally in my own world once I put it on.

Original cable on the left and the upgraded silver gold cable on the right.
Swapping the cable

It cost RM113 and the upgraded cable cost RM23. Relatively inexpensive for such high quality sound. This absolutely the bang for the buck!

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