Japan Holiday – Day 3

Today our tour start with a visit to Mikimoto Pearl Island, walking through the pearl museum and watch a demo of Ama aka Sea Women who dive to collect pearl and seafood. We had Ama seafood cuisine for lunch which served with grilled lobster, abalone and other shellfishes.

We continue our journey after the sumptuous meal. Boarded the Isewan Ferry from the Toba Port to Irago Port and we heads towards Toyohashi train station. We are heading there to experience a ride in the iconic Shinkansen. Before reaching the station, we had a stop over at a strawberry farm to get our already full tummy stuffed with all-you-can-eat sweet strawberry.

The tour guide told us that we reached out destination way ahead of our bus. The bullet train took exactly 12 minutes for the 40 km rides while the bus took about an hour. Our hotel and the restaurant for dinner is just nearby the train station. We had traditional Unagi cuisine for dinner with generous portion of Unagi. That’s conclude our eventful 3rd day travelling through Japan.

Pearl Island and Ama Seafood

Isewan Ferry

Strawberry Farm

Experience the iconic Shinkansen – One Statiom, 12mins -40km

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