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Docker Container

Container is a great way to run applications in a Linux machine and most of these applications are accessible through web browser. Further to my earlier article on installing OMV, you should now have OMV running. Now follow this link to install OMV Extras

Next step is to login into your OMV Web Admin, click on the OMV-Extra icon, go to docker tab and install docker. Proceed to install Portainer and optionally you can install Yatch. Both Portainer and Yatch mostly have the same functions for the purpose of managing docker containers. Once installed, Portainer can be access via port <yourIP:9000>. Recommended to assign a fixed IP to the OMV PC for easy access. You can do this through the router.

This is the web interface of the Portainer. Use this to install and manage containers

Next add the containers templates for OMV. There are more to explain in detail, do head on to this video.

Visit the source page here for the templates:

Try some of the containers out and if you don’t like them, just uninstall!

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