City Touristy with Galaxy S23 Ultra

A day foraging in the city.. pictures were taken using Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Pictures posted here are with no post processing.

A view from the Exchange park with Ultra wide angle
Another view from Exchange Park near to the water fountain
BZ Bee on 3X zoom
This picture taken at LaLaport around dusk. Merdeka 118, second tallest building in the world is in the backdrops.
Merdeka 118 in its might with the monorail and busy traffic. A guy walking by seen half frozen. Shutter speed set at 1/4 s under Pro mode Galaxy S23 Ultra
Another shot taken with slower shutter speed 1/2 s showing the monorail and moving traffic leaving a trail
On ultra-wide angle, the PDRM KL HQ and Merdeka 118 standing tall in the backdrop
Picture taken on the roof garden of LaLaport. Night photography for Galaxy S23 Ultra held up very well.
One final picture from the roof top garden of LaLaport before heading home

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