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Surface Pro 5 Ubuntu Linux

Yes, it is possible! I have tried Elementary OS but settled with Ubuntu 22.04. It runs smooth compared Elementary OS. I did not keep Windows in my installations steps.

  1. Create & booting live USB – the best option is download Ventoy. Found this way much better than the usual burning the ios into USB. Download Ventoy, run the program with a blank USB without the iso. Once completed, copy the iso into the USB. You can reuse the USB by just copying any iso into it.
  2. Hold down power and volume button until you see the windows logo, then release the power button but still holding down the volume button until you reach the UEFI screen.
  3. Go to security –> either select Microsoft & 3rd Party CA or none. If you are not sure, none option is fine.
  4. Go to Boot Configuration, drag USB Storage to the top.
  5. Click restart and boot with the usb created.
  6. Follow the instruction on screen and complete the Ubuntu installation
  7. The Ubuntu 22.04 runs well except few things not working – touch screen and the screen off when closing the keyboard/cover.
  8. MP4 files not playing on browser – follow this :
  9. The touch screen and closing keyboard cover to off the screen works after updating the Kernel. Follow the steps here :–ubuntu
  10. My screen don’t show the instructions after this step – “sudo apt install linux-surface-secureboot-mok.” So take note of the message to reboot.
  11. I have tried a few times, everytime I reboot after step above, I got stuck at the windows logo boot screen.
  12. This is when ventoy come handy. Go back into UEFI screen (step 2) and change the boot configuration to boot from USB Storage. Follow the instruction to reach here “Then, upon reboot, a blue menu (MokManager) should pop up, asking you whether you want to enroll the key. Confirm with ok/yes and when asked for a password enter “surface". Note that MokManager expects a QWERTY keyboard layout, you may need to adjust your input accordingly.”
  13. Enjoy!

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